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Revolution on Ice

More than a decade ago Ice House America set out with a crystal clear goal: Revolutionize the way people buy ice and water.  We did it.

Today, Ice House America is the preeminent manufacturer and operator of automated ice vending machines. We have revolutionized the way small businesses and consumers purchase bulk ice and water.  We lead the way in bulk ice and water-filtering technology that improves product quality and increases cost efficiency while reducing our carbon footprint.

This means consumers are no longer tied to costly packaged ice/water delivery or temperamental in-house ice-making machines. We no longer have to accept stale ice that has passed through many hands before it reaches our storerooms, cups or coolers. Today we may purchase and enjoy fresh ice, on demand, at convenient locations at a value that keeps us coming back.

The revolutionary changes in our once glacial industry – ice – have opened immense opportunities that Ice House America independent owners and franchisees are turning into profitable businesses. Ice House America invites entrepreneurs to join our Revolution on Ice.

Crystal Clear Benefits

Today, the packaged ice industry accounts for $4 billion in sales annually. Free-standing ice vending machines such as those manufactured by Ice House America account for more than 4% of that market.  And that share is rapidly rising.  Ice House America is leading the way with innovative technology, savvy strategic business planning and aggressive sales growth. But what truly motivates the end-user, the ice consumer – your potential customer – is our crystal clear promise:

Ice House America’s state-of-the-art ice vending technology delivers ice on demand that is fresh, clean (never touched by human hands) and green (made on site) – at a price that keeps consumers returning for more.

Advantages in Bulk

Ice House America provides tremendous advantages to Twice the Ice independent owners and IceBorn franchisees nationwide. Among them:

  • Ice House America is the pioneer in ice vending.
  • We are the preeminent manufacturer of automated ice vending machines.
  • Ice House America technology delivers quality, durability, convenience and value.
  • Depending upon your location, Ice House America offers entrepreneurs two business options: independent or franchise ownership.
  • Our independent ownership brand is known as “Twice the Ice.”
  • Our franchise brand is IceBorn – a name developed to instill in the consumer mind the freshness and quality of our product.
  • IceBorn’s brand promise is summarized by its tagline: “Fresh from the Source.”
  • Together, Ice Born and Twice the Ice have become the leading ice vending brands in the country, selling more than one billion pounds of ice annually.
  • We offer large and more efficient economies of scale that lend buying power and strengthen relationships with our independent and franchise owners.
  • As technological innovators, our ice making machines remain superior, patent-protected and time-tested.
  • There are 2,500+ Ice House America ice vending units in US, the Caribbean Basin, Australia, Brazil and Nigeria.
  • We aggressively seek new opportunities in this country as well as worldwide developed/emerging markets.


Cool Business. Hot Opportunity

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