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Revolution on Ice

Ice House America set out with a goal to revolutionize the way people buy their ice and water more than a decade ago. Today, we’ve accomplished that goal by becoming the leading ice vending machine operator and manufacturer. We changed the way that small businesses and consumers buy their ice and water in bulk, leading the industry in filtering technology that delivered a higher quality product and improve on cost efficiency. We did it all while reducing our carbon footprint, too.

Now consumers don’t have to sign lengthy, expensive contracts for their ice and water delivery or put up with temperamental ice-makers. They don’t have to use ice that’s old and stale by the time it gets into their cup, either. Now fresh ice can be purchased on demand when it is needed at convenient locations that keep consumers coming back time and again.

Ice House America changed the ice industry that had been moving at a glacial pace and opened it up to new opportunities, such as independent owners and franchisees who are operating successful, profitable businesses. We’re looking for new entrepreneurs to join the Revolution on Ice.

Crystal Clear Benefits

The packaged ice industry currently brings in $4 billion in sales each year, and free-standing machines like the Ice House America machines are 4% of those sales totals, with their share of the market increasing quickly. Ice House America is gaining more of the market through our innovative machines, smart business strategies, and strong sales growth. But what really makes our company stand out in the ice industry is our promise to the consumers we serve:
Ice House America’s vending machines use state-of-the-art technology to deliver ice-on-demand that is fresh, clean, and green. It’s never touched by human hands and it is made on site for a price that will keep you coming back for more.

Advantages in Bulk

Ice House America brings huge advantages to independent owners and operators of our IceBorn and Twice the Ice franchises across the nation:

  • We are pioneering ice vending.
  • We are the premier manufacturer of automated ice vending machines.
  • We deliver quality, durability, convenience and value to our customers.
  • We offer independent (Twice the Ice) or franchise (IceBorn) ownership options, depending on your location.
  • IceBorn and Twice the Ice sell more than one billion pounds of ice each year.
  • We offer great economies of scale to strengthen our independent and franchise owners.
  • Our ice making machines are patent-protected, time-testing and superior to anything else on the market.
  • Over 2,500 Ice House American vending units around the world.
  • We are always looking for new opportunities within the United States and around the world in developing markets.


Cool Business. Hot Opportunity

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Watch the video.