IceBorn: Fresh from the Source

Ice House America developed IceBorn to become the world’s premier consumer-facing ice vending brand. Our tagline, Fresh from the Source, conveys to consumers our brand’s convenience, quality and freshness.   Our happy penguin and our bright, eco-oriented color palette signal that our ice vending brand is one they can trust, enjoy and return to time and again. Such qualities appeal to consumers; they are the heart of our brand promise. IceBorn allows a closer relationship between franchise owners and us, giving both owners and Ice House America greater insight into the ice vending market and ice vending customers so that we can improve our product, our service and grow our marketshare.

Why Franchise?

Ice House America developed the IceBorn to be the consumer-facing of its franchise program.  Franchise operations are rapidly expanding the geographic reach of the existing 2,500+ independently-owned (Twice the Ice) locations.

We anticipate adding approximately 100 units per year over the next five years, with expansion accelerating as brand recognition and successful franchise stories grow. To accomplish that, Ice House America has initiated a sustained sales and marketing program to attract qualified entrepreneurs to become IceBorn franchisees in specific markets. The advantages Ice House America brings to franchisees are enormous.

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