We are looking for entrepreneurs

We are looking for qualified Ice House America ice vending partners. You will not find a more promising business opportunity. We seek...

  • Those with the commitment to the highest quality products and the determination to help build our brands into the most respected and recognized ice vending brand in the world.
  • Those who live in and support the communities they serve.
  • Those who know their local business community and can proactively market their businesses to them.
  • Those who are always on the lookout for growth opportunities.

IceBorn: Fresh from the Source

Ice House America developed IceBorn to become the world’s premier consumer-facing ice vending brand. Our tagline, Fresh from the Source, conveys to consumers our brand’s convenience, quality and freshness.

Twice the Ice at half the price.

With its familiar tag line, plus its strong network of dealers, Twice the Ice has grown into 2,500 locations mostly across the Southeast. Twice the Ice opportunities remain available in certain regions of the US, especially the Southeast.

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