Twice the Ice for ???????????????????????????Half The Price!

ALWAYS Chipped
ALWAYS Clean And Sanitary
Ice You Can Trust And Enjoy!

Customer’s Hands Only

Do you know who has touched your ice? With Ice House America ice, the only hands that touch the customer’s ice are the hands of the customer. Compare this to the number of people that touch a bag of ice sold at the local grocery or convenience store, which can reach up to 10 sets of hands. As cautious as consumers have become with sanitation, we are happy to say that no one ever touches the ice except the customer.

Ice Qualities

Our interior parts and components are made with food- grade stainless steel and HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic. We use multi-level water filtration and a water softener (as necessary) to guarantee that customers’ ice and water are clean and taste great. The Ice House provides chipped ice that is as refreshing and easy to chew as the kind you would find in a snow cone.