Remote Management

The SmartIce™ system allows you to manage your Ice House business from almost anywhere! Our remote management system is web-based and was specially developed to help you manage all of the important aspects of your ice vending machine business. You’ll be able to access information such as:

  • Location information
  • Product sales
  • Customer service
  • Technical operations
  • and more

Business owners will have up-to-the-minute information about your machines from almost anywhere.

Save Money

You’ll be able to track your machines, access them remotely, and have a view on machine sales all from the comfort of your office. Thanks to constant access and alerts, you’ll know when your machine is down, so you can reduce down-time and increase sales. Constant access means less visits to your ice vending machines every week.

Grow Sales

Information from your remote management system, such as sales trends and information about local and national sales averages, will help you understand how to grow your ice vending machine business. Our SmartIce system will give you an opportunity to constantly evaluate machine performance and determine if changes can be made to increase your sales.

Secure Data

All of the information about your machine is hosted on our secure servers, which are backed up daily. Your information stays safe and no one will have access to it except you.

Other Benefits

  • Customer Service. If your customer is having issues with your Ice House America machine, you’ll be able to troubleshoot the issue remotely and resolve many issues without leaving your office. You can credit them with a free bag of ice or even reset the bill validator right from our web-based system.
  • Operational Analysis. Let the SmartIce system know what events you want to be alerted to and it will send you a message when they happen. You can check in on up to 20 events, such as when the ice bin is full or when it’s time for maintenance, and you’ll get updates in your email. You’ll know when your Ice House machine’s heart skips a beat thanks to the SmartIce system.
  • Sales Analysis. Get a full report on how much ice you sold during the day, when you sold it, and what people purchased. Your sales records can be viewed on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Compare your sales information to national data and see how your machines are measuring up.
  • Support & Requirements. Ice House America offers free technical assistance for the SmartIce system to our owners and operators. You’ll get free software updates as well from our technical support team. All of our new Ice House ice vending machines come with the SmartIce system built in. To get started, simply log in and the SmartIce remote management system will take care of the rest!

If you have an older Ice House ice vending machine, you can have the SmartIce system installed by contacting your Ice House America Representative or visiting mysmartice.com.