Remote Management

SmartIce™ is designed to improve your ability to manage your Ice House business. This web-based application is specifically developed to manage all aspects of your Ice House – location information, product sales, technical operations, and customer service. As a business owner, you will have access to real-time information and more via your smartphone or computer.

Save Money

Remotely access your machines, track machine operational status and have a dashboard view on machine sales - all without leaving your office. SmartIce allows you to shorten potential downtime and reduce the number of machine visits needed each week.

Grow Sales

Analyze sales trends, benchmark locations against regional and national averages, as well as evaluate machine performance. With SmartIce, you can make informed decisions to grow your ice sales.

Secure Data

Your sales and operational information is securely transmitted to our servers, which are backed up daily, so your data is safe and secure. And, just like our ice, no one can touch your information except you.

Other Benefits

  • Customer Service Support – Remotely troubleshoot and resolve operational issues while a customer is at the location. Whether it is crediting a free bag of ice for a customer or resetting the bill validator all of this and more can be accomplished from your smartphone or computer.
  • Operational Analysis – Customize which operational events (up to 20) you want to follow and receive updates via email. You can instantly know when your ice bin is full or when to schedule your preventative maintenance and cleaning. Your Ice House has a heartbeat and SmartIce can tell you when it skips a beat.
  • Sales Analysis – Track and summarize your daily vends, so you know how much, when, and what is being sold. You can view it on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis as well as benchmark against national averages.
  • Support & Requirements – SmartIce is the proprietary remote management system for Ice House America. As an Ice House owner, you will receive free technical assistance and software updates from our technical support team. Since all new units come with this system built in, all you need to do is log in. SmartIce will do the rest.

For  more information on how to get SmartIce installed for an existing Ice House unit, contact your Ice House America Representative or visit mysmartice.com.