Vending Explained


The Growth of Ice Vending

Today, the packaged ice industry accounts for $4 billion in sales. Free standing ice vending machines such as those manufactured by Ice House America account for more than 4% of that market — and that share is rising. Today, IceBorn franchisees and Twice the Ice owners are poised to grab a healthy share of the ice vending market. Why?

  • Because we offer superior low maintenance and durable technology.
  • Because we deliver a superior bulk ice/water product.
  • Because we support IceBorn franchisees with a brand strategy that will make it the most recognized ice brand in the world.
  • And because we offer low cost of entry to qualified franchisees and a business model that protects their interests, develops their knowledge and supports their growth.

A Short History of Ice

The ice making business has not changed much since John Gorrie (1803 - 1855) was granted the first U.S. patent for mechanical refrigeration in 1851. Thanks to Mr. Gorrie, the market for ice evolved into a system of manufacturing and wholesale delivery to retail stores everywhere involving hundreds far-flung factories, thousands of distribution centers, hundreds of thousands of delivery trucks and, consequently, high-energy costs. Innovation has changed all that.

Smart Technology. Savvy Branding.

The recipe was and is simple: engineer and build a great technical product, make it widely available, guarantee it and promote those advantages with unfailing determination. From its founding in 2003, Ice House America leadership recognized that the bulk ice vending business could be revolutionized through superior technology (durable, flexible, eco-friendly, smart/remote) and a robust, savvy brand strategy. This led to the creation of Ice House, the leading 24/7, free-standing, on-demand ice/water vending destination that provides consumers fresh, delicious bulk ice at a great price that would keep them coming back for more.