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May 1st, 2019

IHA is the Largest Ice Machine Manufacturer and Ice Machine Owner

Jacksonville, FL – Ice House America takes on the same risks that ice vending machine owners take on, and reaps the same rewards. With 106 ice vending machines manufactured and owned by Ice House America (IHA), the company is invested in the success of the business model as well as each owner’s success.   

IHA is the largest manufacturer of ice vending machines in the world, and it is also the largest owner/operator of those machines. The company has invested tens of millions in establishing freestanding ice and water vending machines across America, validating each part of the business model.     

IHA not only stands behind the ice vending business, but we are also the only company that has skin in the game as well,” said Troy Doom, CEO. “We see the potential of not only running a fleet of successful IHA machines, but using this fleet to develop and test new ideas that will not only help our future owners but our existing ownership base as well.”

Vertical integration from the manufacturing and distribution of machines to the retail sales of ice allows IHA to participate in, learn from, and improve upon each process. With 106 ice vending machines in the field, IHA sees directly what end consumers look for, and also learns what machine owners need to operate most effectively. Technology decisions and new machine developments, as well as owner-to-consumer marketing methods, are guided by direct knowledge and experience gained from being owners in addition to manufacturers.  

As the largest owner/operator of ice machines in the world, IHA is pleased to extend their expertise and experience to each new ice machine owner. Ownership opportunities are now available to entrepreneurs worldwide.  


About Ice House America:

Ice House America is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and founded in 2003. With over 3,500 independently owned bagged ice and bulk water vending machines across 33 states, Ice House America represents the largest network of convenience ice producers. Ice House America has been recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Franchise Brands and The Military Time’s Top New Franchises, Top Hot Trends and Best for Vets Franchise lists.


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