Sanitary Notice

Ice House America has always led the industry in providing ice and water options with the highest level of sanitization.  Due to our automation processes, there is no human interaction in the creation or delivery of your ice, which decreases the risk of any contamination significantly.  A majority of our machines operate 24 hours a day, and provide easy cashless options for simple, sanitary transactions.

All ice is clean, produced directly on site, and has never been touched by human hands. You will be the first person to touch your ordered ice. 

Please follow all practical, local, and federal recommendations regarding personal cleanliness.  Wash or sanitize your hands prior to and after interacting with a machine or engaging in any commerce.  Please be courteous to any other patrons who are at a machine and keep a 6ft distance to comply with the suggested social distancing.

Your health and safety has been and will always remain a priority to us.


We are launching a mobile app for Android and Apple phones in mid-April to provide rewards and a touchless option for many transactions. You can learn more at: