Posted on: August 11, 2020 |

An easy maintenance schedule with few demands is one of the many benefits of starting an ice vending machine business. Most vending machines require regular restocking in addition to maintenance, however ice vending machines only require a few preventative maintenance measures to keep them in full working order. Use this example ice vending machine maintenance schedule and you can extend the life of your machine and prevent any problems.

How to Properly Maintain Your Ice Vending Machine

You can divide your ice vending machine maintenance schedule into a few simple categories; weekly, monthly, and as needed. When your machine is installed, your technician will show you how to complete each of these activities. If you are not available to conduct these maintenance tasks weekly or monthly, you can show a friend, family member, or employee how to conduct them for you. This makes it easy to manage your business remotely.

vending machine maintenance schedule

Weekly Maintenance

Weekly maintenance activities keep your ice machine sanitary and looking sharp. These procedures take only a few minutes, and generally don’t require internal maintenance on components like the ice maker or water dispenser. To make maintenance easy to complete and organize, the SMARTICE app provides all the maintenance checklists you need in one place.

  • Disinfect surfaces: Using a mixture of water and unscented bleach, disinfect the surfaces that customers touch, such as selection controls and the water dispensing nozzle.
  • Clean exterior: spray the ice vending machine stainless steel surfaces with a stainless steel cleaner. This will keep the exterior looking clean and shiny.
  • Remove dirt and mud around the floor: clean the floor with a sanitizer mixture to maintain a neat and sanitary appearance.
  • Clean trash: Pick up any debris left by customers, or empty a trashcan if you’re placed one nearby.

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance ensures that the ice and water dispensing mechanisms remain sanitary and the product stays clean. This also ensures that the parts and components inside keep working properly. Monthly maintenance on your ice vending machine will require opening the machine and circulating cleaning solutions, and cleaning some of the inside components.

  • Clean the ice maker: After draining the ice making and removing particles or lime deposits, circulate a cleaning solution for 30 minutes. Then, drain and flush. Afterwards, circulate a sanitizer solution. Then, drain and flush. This prevents bacteria from entering the water or ice.
  • Clean augers: After de-energizing the augers and rake motors, spray with a sanitizer solution. Also, spray the chute assemblies and dump boxes. Allow all of these to air-dry.
  • Add salt: Add salt to the water softener. This might be done monthly, or as-needed, depending on your water quality.

As Needed

You should conduct these maintenance measures after you repair the inside components, change the filter, or after any water advisory for water pollution in your area. This will keep water and ice sanitary for your customers, and it will also extend the life of your machine.

  • Sanitize the ice bin: After making a repair, or if the ice bin is empty due to high demand, you should sanitize it. Clean out and drain the bin, then add your sanitizer mixture to the applicator, container, bin and auger surface, including the auger blades.
  • Sanitize the water dispenser: Remove the dechlorinator and sediment filters, then add sanitizing solution. Circulate, the flush.
  • Clean the machine floor: Whenever you enter the machine to conduct repairs, change the filter, or sanitize, make sure you are not tracking mud inside. Lay down towels to keep the machine floor clear, or sanitize the floor when you leave.

Ice vending machines require minimal maintenance, and you can leave the machine unattended for most of its lifetime. Following your maintenance schedule, paying attention to any local water advisories, and keeping track of maintenance you perform will ensure that your machine stays clean. If you need support, our team can help you troubleshoot any problems that you machine might have. We’re always happy to help our business owners maintain their machines and provide clean, clean, fresh, water and ice to the community.