Posted on: May 4, 2021 |

Vending machine businesses present many opportunities for seasoned and new business owners alike. There are many vending machine opportunities to choose from, including ice vending with Ice House America. If you’re wondering about starting an ice vending machine business or adding ice vending to your current business, there are 6 reasons to consider Ice House America.

6 Reasons to Start Ice Vending with Ice House America

1. ICE2U app

Convenience is one of the first things that both customers and owners look for in vending machines. The ICE2U app provides it. This application, free to download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, makes it easy for customers to find ice vending machines nearby, take advantage of coupons, and more.

The ICE2U app helps business owners attract customers by:

  • Providing incentives and coupons
  • Showing ice vending machines nearby
  • Checking the status of nearby machines
  • Providing a loyalty program to keep customers coming back
  • Cashless, touchless vending options

2. SmartIce

While ICE2U provides convenience and helpful features for customers, SmartIce provides helpful features to owners. SmartIce allows owners to access any of their machines remotely using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Owners can track sales, monitor trends, receive maintenance reminders or alerts, fix technical issues, evaluate performance and more. This allows owners to manage their business remotely with ease.

SmartIce allows owners to:

  • Vend free bags as promotions or rewards
  • Get alerts or notifications on maintenance needs
  • Monitor sales and performance
  • View machine surveillance footage
  • Correlate and track sales year over year

Download the SmartIce Brochure to learn more

3. Loyalty and Rewards Program

The loyalty and rewards program available with the ICE2U app makes it easy to attract customers and keep them coming back. Using the ICE2U app, customers can load a credit card and make purchases with a touchless interface. As customers make purchases with the app, they accumulate rewards and earn free bags of ice. For frequent customers, this can make the difference between returning to your vending machine and store, or going to another location.

4. Low Start-Up Costs

Ice House America makes it easy to add an ice vending machine to your existing business or upgrade your current ice machine or bunker. With revenue sharing options, you can pay off your machine while taking advantage of increased sales. You can also choose from four different models—the Ice Merchant, Ice Kiosk, Ice House and Inline Merchant—to suit your investment costs and traffic.

5. Superior Filtration

Ice can become contaminated in the same way as water. For this reason, it’s important to have high-quality filtration on your ice machine. Ice House America offers the state-of-the-art Twice Pure Filtration System to remove contaminants and provide the best tasting ice and water. The Twice Pure Filtration System helps to protect consumers from contaminants and protect business owners from liability.

The Twice Pure Filtration System uses:

  • 5-micron filtration to remove dirt, dust and rust
  • Activated carbon filtration to remove chlorine, organic chemicals and odors
  • Ion exchange to remove minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron
  • Reverse osmosis to remove salts and impurities
  • Ozonation to remove bacteria and algae
  • Ultraviolet light cleansing to sterilize the water
  • Antimicrobial dispenser to prevent the growth of microorganisms

6. Touchless Vending

Customers are more concerned with sanitation than ever before. While traditional bagged ice gets handled multiple times by the supplier, convenience store workers, shippers and others before it reaches the customer, Ice House America ice goes straight to the customer. The ice machine makes the ice on the spot and dispenses it directly to each customer, so there’s no handling in between.

Ice vending can help to give customers a more pleasant and sanitary buying experience, while also improving profits for business owners. With the ability to monitor your machine remotely and keep customers returning with loyalty and rewards programs, Ice House America ice vending machines are easy and convenient for customers and owners. If you are considering starting an ice vending business or adding ice vending to your current business, consider Ice House America vending machines.