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Ice House America’s Brands – IceBorn and Twice The Ice

Two great brands from coast to coast

Keeping the promise. Reputation is built on promises kept with every vend, every day. IHA keeps its promise of safe, hygienic, and reliable ice & water delivery systems utilizing the Healthwise filtration system. It distinguishes innovation with the SMARTICE remote management technology. It requires numerous manufacturing and engineering patents, that give every IHA operator a tremendous advantage over the competition.

Listen and learn. IHA has built the most respected and widely recognized ice & water brands in the market, because it delivers on its promises. We have maintained our brand leadership by listening to operators and consumers to learn new ways to meet the ever-changing market demands. These innovative and proprietary improvements in IHA engineering distinguish the IHA brand from all others.

Trust and reliability. A reputation is built on trust. Trust is built on reliability. Reliability is built on superior engineering and technology. IHA brands have achieved this trifecta.

Twice the ice

Visit our consumer site to discover the TTI Difference and find a TTI machine near you.


Visit our consumer site to discover the IceBorn difference and find an IceBorn machine near you.

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