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With minimal maintenance requirements, high profit potential, and low upfront investment needs, an ice and water vending machine business is a valuable opportunity for new and experienced investors alike. Download the free Investor’s Guide to get the details, including how to choose a valuable location for your ice and water vending machine, upfront investment you’ll need, what you can expect from time and maintenance, and more. You’ll learn:

  • How to choose an ideal location for your new ice vending business
  • What kind of profitability you can expect from your ice vending machine
  • Time and energy you should expect to invest in your machine per week
  • Risk comparisons
  • and more!

What’s In the Guide!

  • How to choose the ideal location
  • Upfront investment comparison
  • Time and skills you’ll need
  • Profitability expectations
  • Business management requirements
  • Risk comparison

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Learn about low-maintenance passive income with ice and water vending

Ice House America
Ice and Water Vending Machines

  • Recession-Proof
  • A new and exciting endeavor you can take on on your own
  • Engineered to generate income for decades of use
  • A tangible asset you can pass on or sell

Traditional Investment Opportunities

  • Prone to fluctuate with changing markets
  • Shrinks as interest is withdrawn and inflation rises
  • Might require employing a professional to manage/maintain
  • Intangible assets with uncertain value
Mark & Elizabeth Sellers

“The business opportunity offered by Ice House America allows us to 1) provide products and service that deliver exceptional value and customer experience (better, cheaper and faster!) to our local community 2) without staff investment or a fulltime commitment… and 3) we are very happy with the ROI and potential future growth! We love being part of the Ice House America community.”

– Mark & Elizabeth Sellers

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Get the Free Investor’s Guide Today. Learn about the the financial investments required, the ROI opportunities, the best locations for Ice Vending Machines, and much more.

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