Family Matters

Our Owner-Operators, Team Members, and Leadership

Community values. Entrepreneurial spirits.

Join Us. Our innovations iced the ice plant, froze out the middle man and transformed one of life’s essentials — water and ice — into a high-quality product at the lowest possible price. Ours is a recipe for success — and our staff, operators and customers have helped make IHA and its Twice the Ice and IceBorn brands the category leaders.

Executive Profiles

Troy Doom headshot

Troy Doom

Troy is the Chief Executive Officer for Ice House America. An engineer by origin, he started his career working for Toyota in various roles. He found his love for business after leaving Toyota to take on a Vice President role at the world’s largest vending machine manufacturer Crane Co. Troy has morphed his experience of learning “The Toyota Way” with the business acumen of heading a division at Crane, to innovate and lead the IHA team on its continuous journey to revolutionize the ice + water industry.

When not at work Troy can be found ripping the fierce bike trails of Northeast Florida on his beloved Mountain Bike.

Mark Mueller headshot

Mark Mueller

Mark holds the role of Chief Financial Officer for Ice House America. He began his career navigating the financial sector of private equity firms, harnessing his financial knowhow focusing mainly in the manufacturing sector. Following his stint in the private equity world, Mark took on the role as CFO for Crane Co, which as mentioned before is the largest manufacturer of vending machines in the world. Mark brings his wealth of financial knowledge and years of manufacturing experience to IHA as a true leader of the finance team.

Mark’s love for excel spread sheets runs deep, almost as deep as his love for Wisconsin football.

Michael Little headshot

Michael Little
VP of Sales and Marketing

Michael is VP of Sales and Marketing for Ice House America. He started his career in a marketing / business development role for Petroferm, a Michelin product licensee. His time at Petroferm allowed him to hone his marketing craft while equally learning the ins and outs of developing new business. The love for retail marketing blossomed during his next career step as Director of Marketing for First Coast Energy, a billion dollar convenience store chain. Michael’s retail experience, marketing knowledge, and sales strategy have allowed him to lead a Sales and Marketing team that is unmatched in the industry.

When not traveling for IHA, you can find Michael teaching his kids how to surf on the shores of Atlantic Beach.

Teamwork. IHA is more than an ice vending machine manufacturer, and ice & water retail operator. We are a company of people dedicated to quality, service, and community. We are committed to sustainable principles. We are engaged in community service, and community related activities in the towns and neighborhoods where we sell ice & water. We share information and knowledge. We listen to our operators and their customers to find innovative ways to improve our product, delivery, and service. We are successful together.

Employee Profiles

Krystal Rodriguez
Electrical Group Leader

IHA Family Member Since 2010

“It is great to collaborate with teammates who are dedicated to innovation, and using technology to continuously improve our products.”

Carnell Cheevers
Fabricator / Welder

IHA Family Member Since 2010

“I feel on top of the world when new owners visit the plant and are able to see the hard work that we all put in toward each and every machine that leaves the plant.”

Luther Spires welding two pieces of metal together

Luther Spires
Fabricator / Welder

IHA Family Member Since 2015

“ IHA is a company that constantly challenges us to innovate, gives us the freedom explore change, and the family like culture that makes you feel proud to come to work everyday.”

Troy ONeal headshot

Troy O’Neal
AVP, Customer Training & Tech

IHA Family Member Since 2008

“IHA not only creates a exiting and fun culture for us to work in everyday, but also manufactures a industry leading product that I am proud to be a part of.”

Ideas. Certainly, innovative technologies have made IHA the preeminent leader in the ice vending category. But many of our best ideas originated in recommendations from our operators, and their customers.

Entrepreneurial. If there is one characteristic that unites all of us it is this: We are independent-minded people with entrepreneurial spirits. Together, we disrupted the frozen, stale retail ice industry and transformed it by bringing high quality ice & water directly to consumers at wholesale prices.

Operator Profiles

Ray Yusuf
2017 Owner of The Year

“I have always been in the retail business, and in 2011 I decided to get into the ice vending business. I now own 15 machines throughout Alabama and Florida, and am happy to be on this journey with the Ice House America family.”

Chris & Lisa standing in front of their Twice The Ice machine

Chris and Lisa Norris
Owners Missouri based location

“Prior to Ice House America, we could not have imagined a opportunity that has a low time commitment and no employees. It is rare to find a business that has low overhead, and allows you to invest into a $4 billion industry that is essentially recession proof. We could not be happier with how this new adventure of ours has turned out.”

Marc Savenor standing next to his Twice The Ice machine

Marc Savenor
Owner of Boston based location

“Having a background in the dry ice business, I had a pretty good understanding of the potential for the ice industry. What I was not expecting was how successful a business model it is when vended ice and water are combined at one convenient location. IHA has exceeded all of my expectations, and I look forward to growing this new business venture for many years to come.”

Mark & Elizabeth Sellers

Mark and Elizabeth Sellers
Owners of three Texas based locations

“Our previous business experience taught us that most successful businesses offer great products and service that customers love and recommend to others. The business opportunity offered by Ice House America allows us to 1) provide products and service that deliver exceptional value and customer experience (better, cheaper and faster!) to our local community 2) without staff investment or a fulltime commitment… and 3) we are very happy with the ROI and potential future growth. We are proud to be part of a growing business segment that is successfully disrupting / revolutionizing the way people purchase ice (our tag line is, “Why would you ever go anywhere else?!”) and we love being part of the Ice House America community.”