Generate Retirement Income

with a Part-Time Business

Ice Vending is the fastest-growing segment of the $4 Billion bagged ice vending industry. Ice House America has created the investor’s guide to help you profit from this exciting opportunity.

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How Ice & water Vending Works

ice machines

Ice House America ice vending machines produce fresh clean ice and can dispense it into bags or directly into a cooler. Our machines also have the capability to vend bulk, purified water; you can fill up a 20oz water bottle or a 5 gallon container.

  • Our owners-operators typically charge $1.50 or more for a bag of ice and $1.00 or more for a 5-gallon water fill up.
  • Everyone from construction workers to restaurants, to individuals use our machines every day for their ice and water needs – providing you a consistent source of revenue.

What You’ll Need!

  • A desire to start a new business venture.
  • A location for your vending machine – we’ll even help you find one!
  • Water & power source
  • Ability to purchase a machine or have good credit for financing.
  • At least 3 to 5 hours a week to maintain and operate your business.

Download the Investor’s Guide to Learn More

Ice House America
Ice Vending Business

  • Recession-Proof
  • New and exciting endeavor
  • Engineered to generate income for decades of use
  • Can pass onto your children

Traditional Retirement Investments

  • Prone to fluctuate with changing markets
  • Shrinks as interest is withdrawn and inflation rises
  • Might require employing outside assistance to manage/maintain
Mark & Elizabeth Sellers

“The business opportunity offered by Ice House America allows us to 1) provide products and service that deliver exceptional value and customer experience (better, cheaper and faster!) to our local community 2) without staff investment or a fulltime commitment… and 3) we are very happy with the ROI and potential future growth! We love being part of the Ice House America community.”

– Mark & Elizabeth Sellers

Download the Guide to Learn More!

Get the Guide to Passive Income in Retirement. Whether you’re a career entrepreneur, devoted corporate employee, or anywhere in between, you’ll find this guide has all the information you need to evaluate the ice vending business opportunity.

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