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Ice & Water Vending

Increase profits, make your store stand out.

Higher Margins, Better Quality, Easy Management

Traditional bagged ice hasn’t changed in decades. Ice and water vending offers a new way that is better for consumers, store managers and retail chain owners.

Ice and water vending offers:

  • Higher margins: Delivered/self-bagged ice costs about $1.25 to produce, while vended ice costs less than $0.30.
  • Clean, quality ice and water: With ice produced on demand for each customer, there’s no inconvenient, refrozen blocks or contamination.
  • Easy management: There’s no need to lock and unlock an ice bunker with every purchase. Cloud-based controls make it easier than ever to manage sales.
  • Co-branded: Customize the look of your ice vending machine to match your brand while harnessing the power of our widely recognized TTI name.
  • And more: No shipping costs, product loss, skimming, inventory management and much more.

Download the Retailer’s Guide to Ice and Water Vending to see how Ice House America machines are changing the convenience ice market.