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The ice merchant is perfect for getting started in the ice vending business

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The first step is a consultation with one of our representatives. On this call, you’ll have the opportunity to have all your questions answered:

  • Pricing
  • Location information
  • financing information

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Over 3500+ machines, 1 billion+ lbs of ice produced, 90%+ of all retail Ice Vending sales

Ice House America is the Leading Retail Ice Vendor for a reason. We’re a brand built on trust, engineered to perfection, and focused on helping you maximize your earnings potential. Our machines span the globe, with IHA products from North America, to Africa, Australia, but our network is tight-knit. When you decide to purchase an Ice House America machine, you’re joining a select family of savvy business owners, and we couldn’t be more excited to have you.

Compare your investment opportunities

Ice House America

  • Recession-resistant
  • A new and exciting endeavor you can take on on your own
  • Generate income for decades of use
  • Superior engineering for minimal maintenance and energy costs
  • Manage from your smartphone
  • A tangible asset you can pass on or sell

Other Ice Vending Machines

  • Prone to higher maintenance costs
  • Higher energy costs due to poor efficiency
  • No smart-ice or remote management features
  • No or poor support-after-sale

Other Investments

  • Prone to fluctuate with changing markets
  • Shrinks as interest is withdrawn and inflation rises
  • Might require employing a professional to manage/maintain
  • Intangible assets with uncertain value

What Our Business Owners Say

“Having a background in the dry ice business, I had a pretty good understanding of the potential for the ice industry. However, I was not expecting was how successful of a business model it would be when ice vending and water are combined at one convenient location. IHA has exceeded all of my expectations, and I look forward to growing this new business venture for many years to come.”


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