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what makes a good location for a vending machine

Finding the right location for a vending machine is key to success. Maybe many traditional locations for a vending machine have already been taken, or maybe you’re looking for a particularly creative location for a vending machine. Let’s take a look at a list of locations you might choose, as well as types of vending machines that might go well in these locations.

10 Creative Locations for a Vending Machine

What makes a great location for a vending machine? No matter where you put your vending machine, there are a few things you must look for in order for your vending machine to be successful.

  • Traffic: First and most importantly, the location for your vending machine must get lots of regular, consistent traffic. This might include foot traffic or cars, but your machine must be visible and appealing to the people nearby.
  • Power: Most vending machines need power, so you’ll need access to power. If you’re placing an ice and water vending machine, you’ll also need access to water lines.
  • Space: Of course, you’ll need space for your vending machine, as well as customers. If you expect customers to visit your vending machine from their car, there must also be space for cars.

With these parameters in mind, let’s take a look at a few creative locations for a vending machine.

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1. Campus

adding ice vending to your snack vending business

Colleges, universities, and even high schools can be great locations for your vending machines. All of these locations are frequented by hundreds or thousands of students regularly, who are often busy and looking for a quick snack or drink. Choose a spot where you know students will regularly collect, such as large lecture halls or student centers.

Almost any kind of vending machine can be successful on campus. You might put up a vending machine for snacks, coffee, drinks, or even small electronics or convenience products like phone chargers. An ice and water vending machine might be particularly successful at a location where adult students would tailgate or buy drinks.

2. Factory

Factories, assembly plants, shipping facilities, and similar buildings have plenty of regular traffic. Many workers finishing their shifts or taking their breaks are often looking for snacks and drinks. Place the vending machines near an area where employees will notice and enjoy them. You might also place an ice and water vending machine near these types of locations, which employees can use to keep their lunches and drinks cold.

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3. Laundromat

Since lots of people are coming, going, and waiting, a laundromat is another natural location for a vending machine. You may need to monitor the location on different days, at different times, to see how much traffic the location actually gets. If the location has lots of traffic, a vending machine for snacks, drinks, water refills, coffee, or convenience products can also be successful. You might add special items like stain-removing pens, fabric softener, or other cleaning products that the laundromat doesn’t provide.

4. Bus station

Bus stations are also hubs of travel, with plenty of people coming and going at all hours. These travelers are likely to be busy, heading to their final destination, and likely to pick up a convenient snack or drink before they depart the station. In addition to traditional snack and drink vending, consider other vending machines that dispense more substantial or healthy foods.

5. Office Building

my vending machine is losing sales. what can i do?

Though some businesses have moved away from traditional office buildings, many have not, and office buildings still get plenty of traffic. Take a look at the businesses inside the building, and make sure that they’re stable, and have plenty of employees. Consider talking with the employees about their hours as well. If the employees are often in the office early in the morning, a coffee vending machine might be ideal.

6. Doctor’s Office

A doctor’s office or, better yet, a larger medical center also gets plenty of traffic. Since people are often waiting for longer periods near these buildings, they can also be a great location for a vending machine. Consider who might be going to your vending machine, and what they might need. For example, if you’re placing a vending machine near a dentist’s office, you might include some small toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwaste, or sugar-free gum.

7. Convenience Store

Sprint Store with Ice House

Though convenience stores get a lot of traffic, it might not be a usual spot for a vending machine, since many of the snacks or convenience items will be sold at the store itself. However, this can be a good spot for some vending machines. You’ll probably need to work with the owner of the convenience store for this to work. For example, if the store doesn’t provide ice, you might work with the owner to place an ice and water vending machine on the property.

8. Gym or Yoga Studio

An estimated 184 million people in America belong to a health or fitness facility. A gym, yoga studio, or other fitness studio can be a great location for an ice and water vending machine or a vending machine for individual drinks. It might also be a good location for healthy snacks, protein bars, vitamin water, or protein shakes.

9. Park or Campground

Many people go to parks or campgrounds to escape the hectic city, but it’s also easy to forget snacks, drinks, or essentials at home. Consider placing a vending machine at a location around a park or campground with access to power, like a shared shower area or a staff office. This can be a great place for snacks or drinks as well as toiletries or essentials that might’ve been forgotten at home. It can also be a great spot for an ice and water vending machine, so campers and visitors can keep their coolers full.

10. Marina

From fishing charters to leisurely boat rides to longer marine excursions, a busy marina can bring in a lot of traffic, and provide a creative location for a vending machine. This location might be ideal for snacks and drinks, and it can be an especially good location for ice and water vending. With boaters filling up coolers to chill drinks and snacks, or keeping the catch of the day cold, there’s plenty of a demand for ice and water vending on the water’s edge.

There are many different types of vending machines, as well as many different creative locations you might place your vending machine. If you’re interested in ice and water vending, Ice House America can help. Contact us today to learn more about starting your own ice and water vending business.