Cold, Hard Facts

Our Water & Ice Vending Machine Capacity, Warranty, and more

When you need ice and water, you usually need them in large quantities that are convenient, fresh, and a good value. Customers expect a high-quality product from a reliable source in a variety of styles, from chipped to cubed. Learn more of the cold, hard facts about our innovation ice-making products and technologies:

Where are Ice House America (IHA) machines located?

Ice House America has over 3,300 ice vending machines located throughout the US, Caribbean, Central America, Australia and Brazil. Please reference our location map to find a IHA machine near you.

How much does an IHA ice + water vending machine cost?

Ice House America, Iceborn, and Twice the Ice offer three models that vary in footprint, production and storage capabilities. Our models range from $43,000 to $150,000. Prices do vary depending on optional equipment upgrades and installation costs. We have great success working with our clients to secure financing when necessary, and support you every step of the way. Talk to a location specialist to learn more.

Do IHA models have a warranty?

Every IHA vending model comes equipped with a one-year manufacturer warranty. In addition to this warranty each component also has its own warranty policy. Contact a sales consultant  for more information on how these warranties work.

What is the life expectancy of an IHA machine?

When properly maintained according to IHA standards, IHA trusts that our vending machines should last 20 or more years. The patented design, ground breaking engineering, cutting edge technology and superior construction are what help our machines last so long.

What is the maximum ice production of each the three ice vending models?

  • The House has a 1 or 2 ice maker option and can produce about 13,000 lbs. per day
  • The Kiosk has 1 ice maker and can produce approximately 4,500 lbs. per day
  • The Express has 1 ice maker and can produce up to 120-10 lb. bags per day

Should I base my purchase decision upon the size of the icemaker or the size of the ice bin?

While both the size of your ice maker and ice bin are important, we recommend you consider bin size (i.e. storage capacity) first. The larger the ice bin, the greater the storage capacity. Greater storage capacity gives you the assurance that you will not run out of available ice during peak demand. Once you’ve honed in on the bin size that will best suit your needs, then consider production size. A 10,000 lb. icemaker is impressive but it does not ensure ample storage capacity. Size does matter in regards to bin capacity!

How do I keep the ice from freezing together in one clumsy, heavy block?

With our patented leveling and raking system, you never have to settle for a bagged ice block like the ones from the corner store again!  Our technology ensures that you receive  fresh, loose ice with every purchase.

Can I remotely manage and troubleshoot my ice + water vending machine?

Thanks to our proprietary SmartIceTM remote management system, you can track your ice makers system conditions and business generation right on your laptop or smartphone! You can also be alerted when the system detects an issue. With this management system , your machine can make a bag of ice and drop it for the customer remotely in case a customer is having difficulty. Now that is remote management!

Is Ice House America ice better than packaged ice from a grocery or C-store?

The short answer: YES! The interior parts and components of ice makers are made with food-grade stainless steel and HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic. We also use multi-level water filtration and a water softener (as necessary) to guarantee that customers’ ice and water are clean and taste great. The House and Kiosk models both provide ice that is as refreshing and easy to chew as the kind you would find with a snowball or snow cone. Plus, the only hands that ever touch our customer’s ice are the hands of the end consumer.

Is IHA ice fresh?

Our ice maker produces ice consistently throughout the day, depending on how busy that day is. Our food-grade stainless steel “rakes” ensure that the ice you receive is always loose and malleable. In turn, ensuring the freshest ice 24/7.

How long does it take for an IHA machine to dispense ice?

Ten quick and cool seconds – faster than a NASCAR pit crew can change out four tires.

How would my machine stand up in hurricane?

All House and Kiosk structures are capable of withstanding 150 mph winds, and could continue producing ice and water, provided the water supply is not compromised.