Fort Point Capital Invests in Ice House America

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BOSTON, Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Fort Point Capital, a Boston-based private equity firm, announced that it has acquired Ice House America, LLC (“Ice House America”, “IHA” or the “Company”), the largest automated retail ice and water platform in the United States, from existing investor Ulysses Management LLC (“Ulysses”). Headquartered in Moultrie, GA, IHA owns and operates a fleet of automated ice and water vending units located primarily across the Southern United States, designs, manufactures and sells ice and water vending units to both independent owner-operators and national accounts, and provides critical maintenance services and software to support its customers.

“We are excited to partner with Troy Doom and the rest of the IHA team to support the Company’s next phase of growth,” said Christina Pai, Partner at Fort Point Capital. “IHA’s disruptive business model and compelling value proposition has firmly established the Company as a market leader in a remarkably stable and expanding end market.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the Fort Point Capital team and thank Ulysses for their support throughout our partnership,” stated Troy Doom, CEO of Ice House America. “This investment comes at an exciting time for IHA – we see a tremendous runway to continue growing our Company-owned fleet, expanding our sales breadth and capabilities and investing in our aftermarket and software capabilities. Importantly, we’re excited to continue driving our longstanding commitment to leveraging superior technology to offer fresh, affordable and safe ice and water in the kindest way possible for the planet.”

“We have been extremely impressed by IHA’s track record of growth and technological innovation,” said Michael Brofft, Principal at Fort Point Capital. “The Company’s hyperlocal ice production technology is fundamentally disrupting the $4 billion retail packaged ice industry and we look forward to supporting the Company’s continued growth during our partnership.”

“We feel a deep sense of pride for the many accomplishments of the IHA management team over our long ownership period, and have great confidence in its continued future growth and success under Troy’s leadership,” said Paul Barnett, Senior Managing Director at Ulysses Management. “We are delighted to remain a minority investor alongside Fort Point in support of the next chapter of IHA’s future”

Barings provided debt financing for the transaction. Kirkland & Ellis and RSM advised Fort Point Capital, while IHA was advised by FIDUS Partners, Robinson Bradshaw and Forvis.

About Ice House America:

Founded in 2003, Ice House America is the largest ice and water platform in the United States. The Company has assembled and sold over 4,000 ice vending machines to independent owner-operators and national accounts throughout the U.S., and operates a Company-owned fleet of ice vending units, primarily in the Southern U.S. The Company provides critical aftermarket parts, service and refurb services as well as proprietary software to its customer base, which includes its mobile app Ice2U. To learn more, please visit

About Fort Point Capital:

Fort Point Capital, a Boston-based private equity firm, employs a management-led, growth-oriented approach to private equity investing. Since its inception in 2011, Fort Point has partnered with founders and management teams to accelerate growth, expand service offerings, access new markets, and support follow-on acquisitions. With a portfolio that reflects over 50 acquisitions, Fort Point Capital continues to deliver enduring value to its partners, employees, and shareholders. Currently, the firm is investing from FPC Small Cap Fund III. To learn more, please visit

About Ulysses Management:

Ulysses Management is a New York City-based diversified investment firm in operation for over 25 years, with over $1 billion in capital under management. Ulysses is the successor firm to Odyssey Partners, LP, the pioneering hedge fund founded in 1982 by Jack Nash and Leon Levy. Through its thematic and long-term business building approach, Ulysses primarily makes control investments in growing middle market companies across a variety of industries To learn more, please visit

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Ice House America Disrupts Direct-Store-Delivery Ice Model

May 24, 2023

Ice House America Disrupts Direct-Store-Delivery Ice Model

Moultrie, GA – Ice House America (IHA) has seen fast recent growth through strategic partnerships and powerful new features. Working with national and international brands, IHA and the Twice the Ice® brand is rethinking how consumers and businesses get ice, and disrupting the labor-intensive, energy-hungry business model of direct-store-delivery ice companies. Ice vending is replacing this model in many areas with a cleaner, faster, more sustainable alternative.

Growth through partnerships

Partnerships with international businesses have brought IHA and TTI to new corners of the world, and to new consumers. There are now over 4,000 automated retail locations, including those owned by IHA, independent owners, and our corporate partners. Twice the Ice machines can now be found at Quicktrips, Circle K, Sprint Foods, PFJ, HEB, Southwest airlines flights, and SpaceX.

Disrupting DSD

The direct-store-delivery (“DSD”) model has been the industry norm for decades. This process of making ice, shipping it, cooling it, storing it, and selling it, is not only inconvenient, but enormously labor- and energy-intensive. IHA’s ice machines allow businesses and individuals to make ice on-location using the local water source, thereby eliminating untold costs associated with shipping and storage. The result is not only vastly more efficient, but also provides cleaner, more affordable ice.

ICE2U provides more convenience

The ICE2U app added a variety of features for owners and consumers alike. In the first year since it’s launch in June, 2020, the app has already been downloaded over 200,000 times.

ICE2U’s mapping feature makes it easy for consumers and other businesses to find nearby TTI locations, and purchase fresh, loose ice fast. The app also builds brand loyalty by offering consumers cost-savings and giveaway opportunities with each purchase. Additional features also allow organizations to connect company credit cards, and easily manage or limit employee purchases. The app has offered new functionality and convenience for small and large businesses, from food trucks to construction crews to utility workers to truck drivers, and many more. Finally, the ability to make purchases in the app makes touchless vending possible, providing a clean and easy customer experience. Ice from IHA machines are handled only by the consumer, with no need to handle cards or cash.

An expanding vision

Ice House America’s vision is to leverage superior technology to offer clean, affordable fresh chilled water and ice globally in a way that is kindest to our planet. As more businesses and consumers enjoy the benefits of affordable, fresh, clean, ice, IHA will continue to rethink and reshape the packaged ice industry.


Who is Ice House America

Ice House America (IHA) operates under the Twice the Ice® brand, and is the nation’s largest distributed network of free‐standing, automated retail kiosks. These machines offer clean, affordable fresh‐chilled water and ice across more than 4,000 units located predominantly in the southern United States. Collectively, this system‐wide network of automated retail kiosks, which comprises both company‐owned and independently-owned units, is the 3rd largest provider of ice in the US. IHA is also one of the most environmentally-conscious providers of ice and water worldwide. IHA manufactures and markets OEM equipment and extensive aftermarket services, and it operates the largest owned fleet of IHA automated retail kiosks in the US.

Ice House Invests in Their Business Model

Ice House America
IHA Sales Team
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May 1st, 2019

IHA is the Largest Ice Machine Manufacturer and Ice Machine Owner

Jacksonville, FL – Ice House America takes on the same risks that ice vending machine owners take on, and reaps the same rewards. With 106 ice vending machines manufactured and owned by Ice House America (IHA), the company is invested in the success of the business model as well as each owner’s success.   

IHA is the largest manufacturer of ice vending machines in the world, and it is also the largest owner/operator of those machines. The company has invested tens of millions in establishing freestanding ice and water vending machines across America, validating each part of the business model.     

IHA not only stands behind the ice vending business, but we are also the only company that has skin in the game as well,” said Troy Doom, CEO. “We see the potential of not only running a fleet of successful IHA machines, but using this fleet to develop and test new ideas that will not only help our future owners but our existing ownership base as well.”

Vertical integration from the manufacturing and distribution of machines to the retail sales of ice allows IHA to participate in, learn from, and improve upon each process. With 106 ice vending machines in the field, IHA sees directly what end consumers look for, and also learns what machine owners need to operate most effectively. Technology decisions and new machine developments, as well as owner-to-consumer marketing methods, are guided by direct knowledge and experience gained from being owners in addition to manufacturers.  

As the largest owner/operator of ice machines in the world, IHA is pleased to extend their expertise and experience to each new ice machine owner. Ownership opportunities are now available to entrepreneurs worldwide.  


About Ice House America:

Ice House America is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and founded in 2003. With over 3,500 independently owned bagged ice and bulk water vending machines across 33 states, Ice House America represents the largest network of convenience ice producers. Ice House America has been recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Franchise Brands and The Military Time’s Top New Franchises, Top Hot Trends and Best for Vets Franchise lists.


For more information call 888-391-8065 or visit

Ice House America Revolutionizes Convenience Ice Vending

The Ice Merchant Expands Business Opportunities for SMBs

Jacksonville, FL – Ice House America is pleased to announce the launch of the Ice Merchant, a revolutionary cloud-controlled retail ice vending machine. The Ice Merchant is designed for the convenience ice market, providing on-demand ice and water to customers 24/7, and giving small business owners the opportunity to easily expand their business.

The Ice Merchant machine is the smallest and most versatile of Ice House’s America’s ice vending products. With a footprint of roughly 24 sq ft and options to install flush against the storefront, it is ideal for grocery stores, gas stations, marinas, and other small businesses.  The Ice Merchant is accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week, with the ability to function indoors or outdoors, and distribute bagged ice and water. This makes it the most reliable and versatile small-format ice vending machine on the market today.

“The smaller size makes it the perfect option to replace existing ice merchandisers and bulk water vendors at a variety of retail locations,” says IceBorn VP of Sales & Marketing Michael Little.

The Ice Merchant, like all of Ice House America’s ice vending machines, is outfitted with the SmartIce™ remote management system. This cloud-based management system allows merchants to control, update and monitor their icemaker from their smartphone, tablet, or home computer. Scheduling maintenance, tracking sales, and even providing discounts can be done in one click, from anywhere.

Ice Merchant ownership opportunities are now available for small business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide.   

About Ice House America:

Ice House America is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and founded in 2003. With over 3,500 independently owned bagged ice and bulk water vending machines across 33 states, Ice House America represents the largest network of convenience ice producers. Ice House America has been recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Franchise Brands and The Military Time’s Top New Franchises, Top Hot Trends and Best for Vets Franchise lists.

For more information call 888-391-8065 or visit

IceBorn Selected 2017 Top Franchise Brand By Entrepreneur Magazine

This First-Ever Ranking by Entrepreneur Acknowledges that IceBorn is one of the Top Franchise Brands in the U.S.

Ice House America, the pioneer in automated ice and water vending technology, is proud to announce that its franchise brand, IceBorn, has landed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s first-ever Top Franchise Brands list.  This list recognizes the 200 franchisors that have built the strongest brands, based on data submitted for Entrepreneur’s 2017 Franchise 500® ranking.

To determine which franchises have the strongest brands, Entrepreneur analyzed factors such as social media followers, system size, number of years in business, number of years franchising, and overall reputation—and looked at how they all combine to form lasting relationships with fans. IceBorn’s position on the ranking shows that the brand has truly made a name for itself through franchising.

Under the IceBorn brand, franchisees have access to three (3) ice and water vending machine models – all are freestanding, 24/7, automated retail ice and water destinations offering bagged or straight-to-cooler ice that is purified, clean and made on demand.  Depending on the IceBorn model, the initial investment ranges from $22,995 to $130,000 plus fees for site preparation, shipping and installation.

“IceBorn is thrilled to be included on Entrepreneur Magazine’s first ever Top Franchise Brand ranking. To be included with the likes of top brands in the country is an honor beyond comprehension and proves IceBorn’s continued growth strategy is on target,” says Michael Little, Vice President of Marketing, Ice House America.

“This list captures the essence of what makes a strong brand: It’s that perfect balance between consistency and constant evolution,” says Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur. “The brands we highlight know exactly what they are, but they also embrace change.”

About Ice House America:
Ice House America, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and founded in 2003, already has more than 3,000 installed and independently owned bagged ice vending machine locations in 32 states. There are over 100 corporate-owned bagged ice vending machine locations, with the balance independently owned and operated.  IceBorn has been recognized on multiple occasions by Entrepreneur Magazine and Military Times, including Top New Franchise, Top Hot Trends and Best for Vets Franchise, to name a few.

For more information regarding Ice House America ownership opportunities, please call 888-388-1590 or visit