Lease Your Property & Earn Passive Income

Get more out of your property when you lease to an ice vending machine owner.

Investors and Entrepreneurs Want to Lease Your Property

Location is one of the most important elements of running a successful ice and water vending machine business. If you have a lot in an urban or semi-urban area, you may be able to lease your lot to an ice vending business owner and earn passive income.

  • Earn Passive Income: When you lease your property, you’ll be earning income without putting in extra work. Simply clean and maintain your lot as you normally would.
  • Work with Great Tenants: Ice vending machine business owners work with us to handle all permitting, site work, and setting up separate meters, so your utility costs don’t increase.
  • Increase Traffic to Surrounding Businesses: Ice and water vending machines bring in more potential customers and attract more attention to existing businesses.
  • Increase Property Value: The more income your property generates, the higher its valuation. Generate more income and increase property value by leasing your land.
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Chris & Lisa

“Before Ice House America, we could not have imagined an opportunity that has a low time commitment and no employees. It is rare to find a business that has low overhead and allows you to invest in a $4 billion industry that is essentially recession-proof. We could not be happier with how this new adventure of ours has turned out.”

Owners Missouri based location

Download our Leasing Brochure

Learn more about how to lease your property and what to expect

Passive Income

With an ice vending machine on your lot, you will continue to generate income through your lease agreement. This is an easy way to get more value out of a vacant lot, an oversized parking lot, or other types of urban property.

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Additional Traffic

Ice vending machines provide clean, fast, convenient ice to regular commuters, local residents, businesses, vacationers and many more. Ice vending machines can generate up to 50,000 new visits annually, which also drives more traffic to nearby businesses.

No Site-Prep or Utility Costs

You don’t have to worry about site preparation or utility costs with ice vending. The ice vending machine owner will take care of these steps, and keep you informed along the way. With installation, the site owner will also install separate water and energy meters, so you will not pay any extra utility costs.

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Lease Your Land

If you’re interested in leasing land to an ice machine business owner, we’d like to chat with you.

Land lease opportunities are ideal in urban or semi-urban locations with access to busy, centrally-located streets.

The lot should be well-maintained, with access to water and power lines (these lines will be metered separately from other businesses in the area).

If you have a lot in mind you’d like to lease, complete this form or contact us at (888) 391-8065.