Posted on: November 23, 2020 |

In May, approximately 14 million Americans were out of work for reasons related to the COVID-19, representing about a 9% increase in unemployment from February. Some may return to their jobs when or if the risk of infection declines, while others might not. In either case, millions of Americans are looking for a new job during COVID-19, either to make ends meet in the meantime, or to find a completely new career that will decrease their risk of infection or safeguard them from future economic storms. If you’re considering a career change or new job during a pandemic, use these considerations as guideposts.

5 Things to Look for in a Career Change During COVID-19

1. Recession-Resistant

A recession-resistant business might sound too good to be true, but there are some industries that perform the same or even perform better during a recession. To make a career change into a recession-resistant business, concentrate on inexpensive alternatives and basic needs. During a recession, consumers look for inexpensive alternatives, such as generic brands instead of name brands, repair shops or thrift stores instead of buying new, and grocery stores instead of restaurants. Basic needs, such as food, water, and shelter, also don’t change during a recession, so utilities, ice and water sales, and farming aren’t affected by recession in the same way as other industries.

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2. Limited Interpersonal Contact

Research indicates that COVID-19 is primarily spread through interpersonal contact. This puts jobs reliant on service and contact at a higher risk of infection. If you’re looking for a new job during COVID-19 and you’re concerned about getting or spreading the illness, limited interpersonal contact will be a priority.

Jobs with limited interpersonal contact include jobs you can perform from home, or those with touchless operation. Vending machine businesses can be good investments during a pandemic since customers interact with technology instead of people. With software to manage their businesses, vending machine owners can also work from home, interacting with the vending machine locations only to conduct maintenance and cleaning.

3. Highly Sanitary

Shared contact with surfaces is also a concern for the spread of illness. This is particularly concerning for making or distributing food and drink items. The more people who contact a food or drink item during cooking, packaging or distribution, the more likely it is to infect consumers and workers. Touchless distribution is therefore ideal. To find a new job during COVID-19, look for industries that use technology to separate consumable items from touch.

4. Easy to Start

The pandemic spread fast and made dramatic economic changes fast as well. Many people are now looking to quickly launch new careers during COVID-19 too. Flexibility is important at this time, and jobs or businesses with high barriers to entry or high investment costs won’t be good candidates.

If you’re looking to start a business instead of working for someone else, consider businesses with low investment costs. This might include businesses leveraging the skills or interests you already have. Look for low-cost learning opportunities where you can expand your skills. Consider apprenticeships, free or low-cost online courses, or business development centers. Or, you might also consider businesses with relatively affordable assets and expansion potential. Look for assets with long lifetimes, low maintenance costs, and continuous revenue potential.

5. Autonomy and Control

When situations become risky or uncertain, the ability to make decisions and maintain control are important. Some career paths may not give you the level of protection that you need, or may put you at too high of a risk of infection. When looking for a new job in COVID-19, autonomy and control will allow you to make the best decisions for you and your family. This makes stable, recession-resistant business opportunities particularly desirable, as you’ll have complete control over your business.

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No matter what job you consider during the pandemic, research and information will be the best tools to start with. Determine what knowledge, skills, or investment you will need to pivot your career, and how this aligns with what you currently have. Examine opportunities in your area, including underserved needs or affordable education. Pre-planning will help you move smoothly into your new career, and even help you expand your business once the pandemic has resolved.