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Invest in a Recession-Resistant Business

Ice and water vending is a recession-resistant business fulfilling essential needs. Businesses that stay steady through recessions, government shutdowns, bear or bull markets, and even pandemics share one thing in common: they satisfy customers’ essential needs. As owner of your ice and water vending business, you are investing in a need—clean water and ice—that will always be in demand. You’ll have the power to make decisions that work best for you and adapt to markets quickly, while relying on steady demand for a reliable product as well as strong technical support and branding.


Market stability is inevitable. When the economy contracts, you don’t want your investments to be at risk. Ice House America vending machines satisfy a simple need that isn’t going away—clean water and ice. With more sanitary distribution than convenience stores and more affordable prices, Ice House America vending machines have performed well in rising and falling markets. During the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring and summer of 2020, sales increased as much as 30% compared to the prior year.

recession graph

Water Sales July – June 2019 (grey) / July – June 2020 (blue)

Recurring, Passive Revenue

Vending machines are designed to set and forget. With minimal maintenance requirements and the ability to monitor your machine remotely, you can earn passive income each month as customers visit your machine.

Low Overhead & Investment Cost

With an ice and water vending machine, there is no inventory to track and very few overhead costs. You can get starting with an Ice Merchant vending machine with a $48,000 investment, making it easy to get started. We also offer financing options to help make business ownership accessible.

Sanitary & Contact-Free

Sanitation is more of a concern than ever before. Ice House America vending machines deliver ice and water directly from the source to the customer, so there is no handling in between. This not only means ice and water maintain their purity, but it also means there is no interpersonal contact between distributors and customers.

Using Technology to Adapt and Improve

When market uncertainties occur, technology gives us solutions. Ice House America harnesses the power of technology to solve problems and make business management easier. Our cloud-based system allows you to monitor and manage your machines remotely, from anywhere. With touchless vending, we’ve further adapted our machines to optimize sanitation. With each obstacle, we develop innovative solutions.

What our owners are saying

Confidence in Stability

Chris & Lisa standing in front of their Twice The Ice machine

“Before Ice House America, we could not have imagined an opportunity that has a low time commitment and no employees. It is rare to find a business that has low overhead and allows you to invest in a $4 billion industry that is essentially recession-resistant. We could not be happier with how this new adventure of ours has turned out.”

Owners Missouri based location

Marc Savenor standing next to his Twice The Ice machine

“Having a background in the dry ice business, I had a pretty good understanding of the potential for the ice industry. However, I was not expecting how successful of a business model it would be when ice vending and water are combined at one convenient location. IHA has exceeded all of my expectations, and I look forward to growing this new business venture for many years to come.”

Owner of Boston based location

Mark and Elizabeth standing beside a pile of Twice The Ice bags

“Our previous business experience taught us that most successful businesses offer great products and service that customers love and recommend to others. The business opportunity offered by Ice House America allows us to provide products and service that deliver exceptional value and customer experience to our local community.”

Owners of three Texas based locations

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