Posted on: June 21, 2022 |

Vending machines are often appealing businesses because they are easy to maintain. However, even a low-maintenance business still needs some attention and upkeep. Here are a few things that successful vending machine owners do every week to keep their business running smoothly.

6 Things Successful Vending Owners Do Every Week

1. Clean Your Machines

Over time, vending machines will accumulate dirt, dust, scratches and other imperfections. Using a stainless steel cleaner or another appropriate cleaning agent, clean the machine’s exterior, so it looks shiny and appealing.

Clean the floor around the machine as well, since dust and debris will accumulate here first. When the machine is dirty, it signals to customers that items inside might not be as enjoyable as they’d like. When the machine is clean, customers will feel confident in their purchase.

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2. Disinfect

Disinfecting surfaces will also help keep your machine clean and make sure customers feel good using it. Using a safe mixture of bleach and water (about 1 tablespoon of bleach per 1 gallon of water), disinfect the surfaces that customers regularly touch, such as the selection controls. Simply wipe down the surfaces with your disinfecting solution, and let the surfaces air-dry.

3. Check Security

If you have cameras installed at your machine, it’s a good idea to take a look through the footage on a weekly basis. If there haven’t been any incidents, you don’t need to look very closely. Looking through your security footage regularly will help you detect any unusual activity before it becomes a problem.

4. Check the Books

Successful vending machine business owners generally know what to expect when it comes to sales, because they pay close attention to trends, spikes, and buying activity. Your weekly routine doesn’t have to include an in-depth sales analysis, but it’s helpful to take a look at comparisons and see where sales are heading. This way, you can make a note of falling or increasing sales overall, or particular days with high or low sales. Identifying these trends will help you get ahead of them in the future.

5. Check on Signs

Road signs or flyers can help clearly show where your vending machine is located, and help potential customers find it. If your signs aren’t readable from the road or main thoroughfare, or they’ve been knocked over or pulled down, it will be harder for customers to notice your machine. Take some time on a weekly basis to check in on your signs and replace any that are missing or in poor condition.

6. Restock

Most vending machines require regular restocking. This is one of the most important things that vending owners do every week. Careful record-keeping will help you make accurate predictions about which items need to be restocked sooner. Adding fun new items is a creative way to increase traffic to your machine. You might post a poll to ask your customers what type of items they’d prefer.

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Keeping your machines well-maintained will help to increase your business value and keep your sales rising. Thought isn’t a weekly activity, remember to check your machines’ mechanical components regularly as well, and make sure everything is working properly.