Ice House

Largest Ice Capacity

The ice house has giant capacity and output for a great price point

Streamlined, Reliable, and Minimal Maintenance

The Ice House was IHA’s first vending machine model and is capable of holding 6,500 lbs of ice. It is ideal for busy business centers or other high traffic locations.

Key Characteristics:

  • Optimal for high traffic locations
  • Largest ice vending machine model
  • Offers a choice between bagged or direct-to-cooler ice
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Sediment filtration, water softener, and carbon filtration
  • Reverse osmosis capable
  • Payment options: Cash, coin, credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, tokens and coupons
  • Can serve up to 50,000 customer visits per year
  • SmartIce™ Remote Management System

How do I get started?


You’ll talk to a sales representative. We’ll assign a specific specialist to your account and you’ll keep in touch with them throughout the delivery of your machine, and beyond.

Not sure if you want to reach out yet? Download the Free Investor’s Guide to get all the information you need about Ice House America machines.


We’ll go through our discovery process to help you determine the best product and location fit. Our comprehensive discovery discussions will answer every question you have about getting started, and ultimately we’ll help you decide on your machine, your ideal location, and any financing options you may need.


We’ll manufacture your machine and deliver it directly to you. With your ice vending machine in-hand, we’ll be sure to keep in touch while you’re getting the ball rolling. You’re ready to start selling ice and water, and turning a profit, on the first day of installation!

Ice House Specs

  • 8’4” W x 24’ D x 15’ H Footprint
  • 200 sq ft Footprint
  • 4,500 – 13,000 Ice Production Lbs. / 24 Hours
  • 6500 lbs Storage Capacity
  • 10, 16, 20 lbs Bagged Ice Weights


  • Bulk Ice
  • Bulk Water Capabilities
  • SmartIce
  • Filtered Capabilities
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Credit Card Reader

Get in Touch With Us

Not sure where you’ll put your machine? No problem, our customers run into that problem all the time. We devote the first steps of our discovery process to helping you locate and decide on a suitable location for your Ice Vending Machine.


We Want Your Business to Thrive.

We believe in every single one of our owner-operators. Your success is a reflection on our team. From your very first contact with IHA, we assign a location specialist to your inquiry and stay engaged with you every step of the way – through to the delivery of your machine, and beyond.


Remote access to your machines anywhere, anytime

  • Sales on hourly, weekly, monthly, annual basis
  • Instantly check how full your ice bin is
  • Correlate weather patterns to annual sales
  • View live video of your machine
  • Maintenance notifications
  • and more

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