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Why Choose Ice House America?

Leading the Industry with Superior Process, Products, and People

Leading by numbers. Today IHA is the largest manufacturer and owner/operator of ice vending machines in the world. We’ve produced 3,500+ ice vending machines. These collectively produce more than 1 billion pounds of high quality ice each year.

Leading with innovation. Our success is built on new ice & water vending products and technology. These innovations open doors to entrepreneurs by making ownership easier, giving consumers convenience and more affordable access to high quality ice & water. IHA technologies ensure all consumers the freshest, safest, most hygienic, convenient and high value product on the market.

Leading by example. IHA does not just make ice and water vending machines, we truly believe in the business model, owning and operating more than 100 units throughout the country. We are invested in the retail side of the business because we believe in our technology, the growth of the ice & water vending category, and the advantages we promise every owner-operator.

Hot Opportunity

IHA machines represent
90% of ice vending

Revolutionary business model. Plenty of companies make ice, but it took IHA to turn the retail ice industry upside down with superior engineering, manufacturing, and innovative ice vending technology. Ice vending is the most exciting, and fastest growing segment of the retail ice industry.

Hot opportunity. Ice vending is the fastest growing segment of the $4 billion retail ice business. It is well-suited for entrepreneur looking for bankable ROI with a low-cost operation, and an simple to manage business model. With the help of our SMARTICE remote management system , IHA ice & water vending machines require only one employee: YOU. The percentage of ice vending sales versus other ice industry segments continues to grow every year.

  • Total retail ice sales estimated today at $4B
  • Ice vending sells over 1.25 Billion Lbs of Ice annually
  • IHA machines represent 90% of all ice vending sales
  • Owner-Operators benefit from bankable ROI, low cost entry, and a scalable business model
  • Consumers receive the freshest ice at a wholesale price

Well built machines. IHA’s 175,000 SQFT manufacturing plant has produced over 3,500 ice vending machines and on average continues to produce and ship out a unit ever 1-2 days. Our fabrication and assembly process is modeled on best practices from the automotive industry. This ensures cost efficiency, as well as production, and quality control at every step. It also ensures that our machines are the safest, most reliable, and most techno- logically advanced ice & water vending machines available.

Proprietary technology. IHA holds numerous patents related to the storage and delivery system in each vending model. These patents add value and distinction to the machines, improve quality, and enhance the overall consumer experience. We employ teams of expert engineers, quality assurance reviewers, field techs, parts support staff, and technical support agents. Our greatest advantage to you is providing access to the vast IHA network of experts. Men and women who are a primary source of ideas, and advice that lead to innovative technology, tools, and manufacturing improvements.

  • Proprietary, patented, customer-friendly vending, bagging and remote management technology (SMARTICE)
  • Safe, hygienic, FDA approved ice making environment
  • Aesthetically pleasing, illuminated retail presence that attracts customers
  • Strict adherence to existing local codes and standards
  • Energy-saving, water-saving sustainable properties

Proprietary Technology

Dedicated to Consistent Improvement

Hygienic and fresh

Hygienic. Anyone can filter water, but no one else filters and purifies ice and water with a Healthwise system.

Fresh. HEALTHWISE is our trademarked water filtration and reverse osmosis purification system. For operators, it ensures that IHA ice & water is always fresh, hygienic, and safe. For consumers, it ensures IHA ice & water is always fresh, safe, and conveniently available at wholesale prices.

Trifecta. That’s the consumer trifecta: better quality, lower price, and greater convenience. Thanks to innovations in production, delivery, and service, IHA is bringing these advantages directly to ice & water consumers every day.

Healthwise FiltrationHealthwise PurificationTwice Pure
Micron FiltrationCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Activated Carbon FiltrationCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Ion ExchangeCheck markCheck markCheck mark
2nd Micron FiltrationCheck markCheck mark
Reverse OsmosisCheck markCheck mark
Chilling ProcessCheck markCheck mark
OzonationCheck mark
Activated Carbon FiltrationCheck mark
Ultraviolet Light CleansingCheck markCheck markCheck mark
Antimicrobial DispenserCheck markCheck markCheck mark

5 Micron Filtration

Removes dirt, rust and other solids larger than 5 microns.

Activated Carbon Filtration

Eliminates chlorine, organic chemicals and any odors.

Ion Exchange

Softens water by removing minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron.


Reverse Osmosis

Purifies water to 99.99% by removing salts and other impurities.

Chilling Process

Water is chilled in ice room.


Eliminates any contaminants such as bacteria and algae.

Ultraviolet Light Cleansing

Sterilizes water to ensure safe, purified water.

Antimicrobial Dispenser

Resists growth of microorganisms.


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