Posted on: April 25, 2023 |

Ice delivery can be a convenient way to get ice for your big event, restaurant, RV, or something else. However, if you’ve struggled to get ice delivered, you might be wondering about alternatives. Here are a few alternatives to ice delivery you might try if you can’t get ice delivered to your location.

Alternatives to Ice Delivery

You might not be able to get ice delivered if you’re not near an ice delivery business, if your business is somewhat far away from a city, or it might be expensive to get ice delivered. If ice delivery isn’t available to you or it’s been inconvenient, you might be wondering about a few alternatives to ice delivery.

Ice Vending Machine

An ice vending machine can provide multiple opportunities. With an ice vending machine, you can get the ice you need whenever you need it, but you’ll also have a business opportunity. If you’re looking for an alternative to ice delivery and others around you are also looking for alternatives, an ice vending machine might be a great source of passive income.

An ice vending machine is connected to the local water supply and creates ice when you need it. There’s minimal upkeep, and you’ll be able to sell ice to others. An ice vending machine may be a great alternative to ice delivery for RV parks, wedding venues, some food trucks or restaurants, camping areas, marinas, and more.

Use the ICE2U app to see if there’s an ice vending machine near you. You can take advantage of prices lower than store-bought ice, better quality, and coupons and volume discounts. If there’s not an ice machine near you, consider purchasing one and adding it to your property. You might share the costs of the machine with your neighbors or colleagues, or you can cover the costs with purchases others will make in the future.

You can get an ice machine on your property
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Ice Bunker

An ice bunker can be an alternative to ice delivery in some ways. With an ice bunker, you can get a large volume of ice and keep it cold for a longer period of time. This can be an affordable option if you currently don’t have a lot to invest in an ice vending machine or ice maker. However, with this option, you’ll still need to either pick up large amounts of ice and put them in the bunker, or get them delivered.

There are many different types of ice bunkers. Consider which type is best for you according to your ice usage, how often you’ll get new ice, and how much ice you want to store. You’ll also need to consider a cleaning schedule to prevent mold build-up. Finally, carefully consider which location will be the most convenient to place your ice bunker to keep it out of the sun, and make it easy to access for both use and refilling.

Ice Maker

An ice maker can be another alternative to ice delivery. With an ice maker on your property, you can make the ice you need when you need it. It’s important to remember to clean your ice maker regularly to prevent mold build-up and make sure your ice is high-quality. It’s also important to consider how much ice you need, so you can select an ice maker that is both efficient and cost-effective.

If you only need ice for yourself or your business or employees, an ice maker may be an ideal option for you. However, if you want to sell ice to multiple, nearby customers an ice vending machine may be optimal, since you won’t need employees to manage the ice maker or bunker at different times.

Pick Up Ice

Picking up ice is, of course, another alternative to ice delivery. If you are far from a location that sells ice, like a grocery store or convenience store, picking up ice may be a challenge, since it might melt significantly before you return to your location. This can also be a difficult process if you don’t have reliable transportation for larger volumes of ice. Finally, store-bought ice is more expensive than vended ice or ice you make at your own location, so these costs can add up.

There are a variety of alternatives to delivered ice. Many of these alternatives are more convenient and more affordable. With vended ice, you can even take advantage of additional revenue opportunities. If you’re interested in adding an ice vending machine to your property, learn more and get in touch with us.