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IHA is the largest manufacturer and owner/operator of ice vending machines in the world. We’ve produced 3,500+ ice vending machines. These collectively produce more than 1 billion pounds of high-quality ice each year.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking a lucrative passive income strategy, a land owner looking to increase property value, or a retail chain serious about investing in the future of ice and water, we have a unique opportunity for you.

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Become an owner-operator of an Ice House America machine.

Start your ice & water vending enterprise today. We are a family of entrepreneurs that understand the balance of risk and reward. Our professional real estate location services, multiple machine models, ample financing options, and special veteran programs make owning your own business that much easier. To learn more about IHA business opportunities, fill out the inquiry form or call us at (888) 391-8065.

Lease your property to an Ice House America ice vending business.

Don’t let your parking spaces or available land sit idle, transform it into a moneymaker by leasing a small portion to us for a future ice vending machine location. Our owner-operators are looking for high-traffic areas to locate their IHA ice vending machines, and your land may be well-suited for their needs. Contact us, and we will connect you with an IHA owner-operator who is looking to expand their business in your area.

  • Guaranteed income
  • Additional traffic for your existing business
  • No site prep, maintenance, or utility costs

To learn more about IHA land lease opportunities, fill out the form or call us at (888) 391-8065.

Invest in ice vending technology for a multi-location retail business.

Ice and water vending machines from Ice House America present higher profit margins than delivered/self-bagged ice and make an impact in customers’ minds.

  • Higher Margins: Delivered/self-bagged ice costs about $1.25 to produce, while vended ice costs less than $0.30.
  • Clean, Quality Ice: With ice produced on-demand for each customer, there’s no inconvenient, refrozen blocks or contamination.
  • Easy Management: There’s no need to lock and unlock an ice bunker with every purchase. Cloud-based controls make it easier than ever to manage sales.
  • Co-branded: Customize the look of your ice vending machine to match your brand while harnessing the power of our widely recognized TTI name.
  • And more: No shipping costs, product loss, skimming, inventory management and much more.

Fill out the form to get in touch about adding state-of-the-art ice and water vending technology to your new or existing locations.


Ice House America partnered with the Small Business Association (SBA) to offer our owners an expedited loan process. Our business opportunities are pre-approved by the SBA, which means IHA loan applicants enjoy an expedited loan application process. To learn more about how our business model is financed, compare numbers with IHA via our inquiry form.

Veteran Program

IHA is part of the Vet*Fran network that supports military veterans who want to start their own business. To learn more about our military-friendly business opportunities and financing programs, enlist with IHA via our inquiry form.