Twice the Ice


Consumers know the familiar tag line of our popular automated ice vending machines: Twice the Ice at Half the Price. The network of dealers and distributors has led to more than 2,500 Twice the Ice locations throughout the Southeastern United States. There are more opportunities in specific markets in the United States, and you’ll have the advantage of working with an established, trusted brand of automatic-ice vending machines that consumers trust to bring them high-quality ice in a convenient way.

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Twice the Ice

  • The opportunity to independently own and operate an automatic ice vending machine business.
  • Patent protection on our technological innovations.
  • A range of ice machine models to meet your ice machine and ice storage needs.


Twice the Ice vending machines are owned and operated independently with more than 2,500 machines in the United States, primarily in the southeastern states. Our branded machines are one of the most highly recognized ice-vending brands.

Certain territories within the US are serviced by an IHA independent distributor. Our distributors contract with IHA for the exclusive right to sell certain ice vending machines in a specific territory. Because the territory is exclusive, IHA Franchising cannot offer franchises in those territories, and any agreement you may be requested to sign is not an IHA authorized franchise agreement. In addition, IHA is not a party to, nor has it otherwise required or endorsed in any capacity, any agreement your distributor may request you sign. Distributors of IHA products are not agents for Ice House America, and are not authorized to assume or create obligations on IHA’s behalf. If your distributor is requesting that you execute an agreement, please be aware that that agreement is with your distributor only, not IHA.

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