Inline Merchant

Low Profile, Low Maintenance, High Impact

The inline merchant is perfect for getting started in the ice vending business

Hands-Free, Automatic, On-Site Commercial Ice Vending

Perfect for commercial installations, our inline product line fits into the wall of your business just like an ATM, saving space and providing convenient access.

  • Bagging ice on-site results in more sanitary product and higher long-term profit margin
  • Pay with cash, card, vend coupons, or tokens
  • Small footprint (4’Dx6’Wx8’5H)
  • Inline models
  • State of the Art Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis available
  • Access from anywhere via your mobile device with the SmartIce application
  • 1,000 lbs Storage Capacity

Commercial Installations Specs

  • 6’ W x 4’ D x 8’5” H
  • 800 – 3,200 lbs. / 24 Hours
  • 1,000 lbs Storage Capacity
  • 10 lbs Bagged Ice Weights


  • Bulk Water Capabilities
  • SmartIce
  • Filtered Capabilities
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Credit Card Reader

Trusted Partnerships Across the Country

Our Inline Merchant line is already integrating with several nationwide gas station and convenience store chains. As the worlds leading retail ice vendor, representing over 90% of all retail ice vending sales, we’re proud to be your trusted partner in bringing ice and water vending to your customers.

If you’re intersted in adding an Ice & Water Vending machine to your location, get started with a consultation call with Ice House America.

How do I get started?


You’ll talk to a product and location specialist. We’ll assign a specific specialist to your account and you’ll keep in touch with them throughout the delivery of your machine, and beyond.

Check out our Return on Investment Calculator for specific numbers on each product


We’ll go through our discovery process to answer all your questions. Our comprehensive discovery discussions will answer every question you have about getting started, and ultimately we’ll help you decide on your machine, and any financing options you may need.


We’ll manufacture your machine and deliver it directly to you. With your ice vending machine in-hand, we’ll be sure to keep in touch while you’re getting the ball rolling. You’re ready to start selling ice and water, and turning a profit, on the first day of installation!

Get in Touch With Us

Ready to start vending ice & water? Reach out to our team of experts. The first step is to have a brief consultation with our team to talk about your needs, and provide you with all the answers you want.


We Want Your Business to Thrive.

Your success is a reflection on our team. From your very first contact with IHA, your business will have access to our local representative for your area, who will stay engaged with you every step of the way – through to the delivery of your machine, and beyond.


Remote access to your machines anywhere, anytime

  • Sales on hourly, weekly, monthly, annual basis
  • Instantly check how full your ice bin is
  • Correlate weather patterns to annual sales
  • View live video of your machine
  • Maintenance notifications
  • and more

Get started
selling ice

To request pricing information, get started with your Ice Vending Machine, or ask general questions, your next step is to get in touch with an Ice House America representative.