Commercial Ice & Water Vending Machines for Your Business or Work Site

Do you use 25 or more bags of ice each day? Ice vending at your business or worksite can save you thousands.

Commercial Ice Vending is an Alternative to Ice Delivery for Any Worksite

Construction Sites

Manufacturing Plants

Airports and Airfields


Industrial Complexes

Mining Facilities

Many of our machines are already hard at work at companies like SpaceX, SouthWest Airlines, Amazon, and more. Our commercial ice machines also supply ice and water to some of North America’s largest airports, cement factories, industrial complexes, and construction sites. With fast ice production and bagging, the ability to vend ice and water, bulk vending capabilities, the SmartIce remote monitoring and management system, high-quality filtration, credit card readers, and many more capabilities, it’s easy to see why businesses prefer Ice House America at their worksites. Take a look at the models available to see which commercial ice machine might be best for your business.

Time-Saving, Cost-Saving, Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Delivered Ice

Did you know that there are alternatives to delivered ice? As the costs of energy and fuel rise, the costs of delivered ice are rising too, and many businesses don’t know what alternatives are available.

Cost Efficiency

20lbs of ice from an Ice Merchant costs about 25 – 30 cents. The same 20 lb bag of delivered ice will cost $4-$5. With rising fuel costs, having an onsite ice vending unit can save you money now and well into the future.

Time – Savings

Having an Ice Merchant at your work site eliminates the time constraints of delivered ice, saving you and your employees valuable time. You don’t have to wait around for delivered ice—instead, you can fill a new bag every 10 seconds.

Eco – Friendly

The energy it takes to make ice, transport it, keep it frozen, and then store it at your location adds up quickly. Vended ice skips these energy-intensive steps and allows you to vend ice directly at your worksite.

Smartice Management

The remote monitoring program SmartIce allows you to watch your machine from and track performance from anywhere.

Try our Commercial Ice Vending Machine ROI Calculator

Use our ROI calculator to see how much you could be saving with an ice vending machine in place of delivered ice.

Industrial Ice Vending vs Delivered Ice

Don’t be held hostage by unreliable delivered ice services

Vended Ice

  • Made on-the-spot, as needed
  • Connects directly to water line
  • .25 – .30 cents per 20lb bag
  • Requires no extra storage
  • Requires only energy to make ice
  • Vend as much or as little as you need
  • Only employees touch the ice
  • Vend ice or water
  • Manage and monitor the machine remotely

Delivered Ice

  • Delivered on a set schedule
  • Requires costly delivery and refrigeration
  • $4 – $5 per 20lb bag
  • Requires cooler or refrigerator for storage
  • Requires energy for making ice, transporting, storage
  • Set amount is delivered
  • Ice is handled at manufacturing, transit, loading and unloading
  • Deliver only ice
  • Rely on ice delivery service for updates

Case Study:
Southwest Airlines

Ice And Water On-Site Vending Machines Disrupt Delivered Ice Model

Rising costs, longer delivery windows, and shrinking bag size are just a few of the difficulties companies face when they opt for delivered ice to their work site. The direct-store-delivery ice model has been an industry norm for decades, but the process has proven to be costly and inefficient. These issues not only affect your business financially, but also disrupt day-to-day employee operations, team morale, timeliness, and your carbon footprint as an organization. That is why fortune 100 company Southwest Airlines has upgraded their ice operation to featuring state of the art, Ice House America machinery. Southwest is able to vend up to 1,000 plus ice vends daily in a quick, clean, and efficient manner. Ice house America’s Ice machines allow for on site ice production from local water sourcing, thereby eliminating unnecessary storage and shipping costs. This streamlined efficiency for one of the largest airlines in the world can be replicated at work sites of all sizes.

ICE2U For Business

Whether you are on the road or you need a regular, reliable supply of ice near your store location, Twice the Ice makes it easy. ICE2U for Business allows you to easily manage your purchases across multiple locations, give employees individual access, monitor your purchases, and more. You can take advantage of discounts and free ice, find the closest ice vending machines, monitor each machine’s status, and much more. If you, your managers, or your employees frequently purchase ice on the road or bring it to your store, ICE2U for Business can help make this process seamless.

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