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These are general thresholds and for informational purposes only with no guarantees in performance. Tour Ice House America representative can walk through a more detailed quote with a specific pricing breakdown during your consultation.

Comparing Ice House America Machines with Other Investments

The average franchise has a 7-8% roi, and requires much more time and energy to run than our automatic machines.

The stock market has an average return of 7%, and is highly volatile. Ice House America machine income doesn’t correlate with the markets.

Other ice and water vending machines have higher maintenance costs than Ice House America vending machines, which is one of the reasons we make up over 80% of all retail ice vending sales in the country.

Want More Detailed Pricing Information?

If you’re ready to start talking about your ice and water vending business opportunity, it’s time to talk to one of our representatives. The first step is a consultation with our expert team to determine the best product fit for your needs, help you determine a location, and answer all your questions.