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Buying and building up an ice machine business allows you to be your own boss and work on passive income, without taking too much time away from your primary career or full-time job. You can buy an ice machine business, start with one or two machines, and build up the business over time to leverage it later for sale, or turn into full-time income. Let’s take a closer look.

How to Buy an Ice Machine Business

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You can start your ice machine business yourself by investing in a new ice machine, or several. To get started, you’ll first need a great location with plenty of traffic. Ideally, these locations should be near busy roads and businesses where people frequently pass through. Your ice machine might serve factory workers or construction workers on their way to the job, food trucks or similar businesses on the route, or other workers or businesses nearby. Once you’ve chosen a great location, you can then set up financing for your machine, and order a machine that best suits the traffic at your location, including the Ice Merchant, Ice Kiosk, or Ice House. With your ice vending machine established, you’ll be able to learn the business, grow (more on this later) and, when possible, add more machines.

Buying a new machine might mean leveraging existing assets or investments. There might be many different types of investments you can use to buy or start your ice vending business, from collectibles to land to stocks, and more. You might also work with a business partner and combine your investment and start a business together. If you use this method, be sure your documents and division of responsibilities are clear.

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How to Grow Your Ice Vending Business

adding ice vending to your snack vending businessExpanding your ice vending business is an exciting way to grow your investment and build your passive income. There are a few important ways to build your ice vending business, even if you start with only one machine.

  • Get more traffic to your machine: Getting more traffic to your machine is the best way to get more income and improve the value of your business. Using fliers, free vends, other promotions, adding new items, and advertising can help you grow your ice vending business.
  • Reinvest your profits: Since you don’t have to restock your machine, ice and water vending provides high profit margins. Reinvesting these profits will allow you to buy more machines and expand your business.
  • Talk with other business owners: Networking with other business owners can help you identify business opportunities. For example, working with convenience store owners, factories, parks, or storage facilities can help you find a great spot to place a new machine. Other business owners, such as landscapers, food truck owners, factory managers, or contractors, might also benefit from your ice and water vending machine to keep their workers cool and hydrated.
  • Event networking: outdoor summer events are a great way to spread the word about ice and water vending. If your machine is close to a park, stadium, downtown business center, or another popular event locale, attendees might be looking to refill water bottles and coolers.
  • Talk with potential customers: There are many potential customers that might not know about your ice and water vending machine. Consider passing out fliers throughout the neighborhood, to apartment buildings, businesses, parks, event centers, and more.

Expanding your customer base, reinvesting your profits, and networking with other businesses will help you grow your own business, step-by-step. With the right location, marketing, and upkeep, you can grow your first machine into two, three, and many more.

Maintaining Your Business

convenience storeMaintaining your business and your machines is essential. To keep your vended ice and water fresh, clean and enjoyable for your customers, it’s important to conduct regular cleaning and maintenance. This includes cleaning the ice maker, disinfecting surfaces, adding salt, replacing filters, and more.

Setting aside time to maintain your machine is important. This might include scheduling a few hours a week on your calendar to maintain your machine. If your machine doesn’t require maintenance at that time, you might use the time to manage your income, post new fliers, talk with customers, talk with neighboring businesses, or manage other business activities.

Putting aside a few hours a week will help you stay on top of your ice vending business, even when you’re working full-time in another business. Ice vending doesn’t demand a lot of upkeep compared to other side hustles or side businesses, but staying on top of finances and maintenance with the SMARTIce app will ensure that your ice vending machines are top-quality.

Using Your Ice Vending Business for Retirement

Building your ice vending machines business can help you grow your income, leverage your assets for retirement, and pass down a valuable business to your family. There are many ways to go about this.

With a high-quality vending machine business built, you might choose to sell your business to another aspiring entrepreneur. You might then use this sale to accomplish other goals after your retirement. You might also consider selling the business to a family member. With some instruction, your family member might learn to maintain the machines and finances, and they might buy the business from you at the right time. This is a great way to gain some funds for your retirement, while also setting up your family for success.

Buying an ice vending machine business, building it up, and using the business in retirement can be a valuable endeavor for you and your family. If this sounds like a good fit for you, get in touch with us today. We’ll help you become an Ice House America vending machine owner, and help you set up for success.