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If you’ve considered investing in your business and you’re wondering how to add more features for customers, and another revenue stream, an ice vending machine might be perfect for you. Ice vending machines provide a number of advantages, and they can be great additions for many different types of businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of adding an ice vending machine to your business, and some of the businesses that are best-suited for ice vending.

Benefits of Ice Vending

Adding a vending machine to your business can help provide a better experience for your customers, and provide an alternative revenue stream. There are several other benefits as well.

Attract New Customers

Customers looking for ice and water are more likely to come by and visit your business. Ice and water vending machines generally provide better-quality ice and cheaper prices compared to traditional bagged ice from the convenience store or grocery store. The ICE2U app makes it easy for customers to find ice vending machines nearby, and they’ll be more likely to visit your business, too.

Build a Better Experience

Providing more features and giving your customers more options can help give your customers a more enjoyable experience. For example, if a customer stops by your business on their way to work, they can also get ice to keep their lunch cold, so they don’t have to make an extra stop along the way.

Streamline Tasks

If you already sell ice at your location, it’s probably sitting in a storage area. To prevent theft, you may have an employee lock and unlock the ice bunker when a customer makes a purchase. This can take your employees away from your customers, resulting in longer lines and more tasks. Adding an ice and water vending machine is an easy way to streamline tasks.

Add a Revenue Stream

When you own an ice vending machine on your property, you can add a revenue stream to your business. Ice vending machines are easy to manage and maintain, and they can accept sales 24 hours a day, with no need for on-site monitoring. With remote access technology, you can monitor sales from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. With security cameras, you can also check on your machine at any time without going to the location itself.

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The Best Businesses for Ice Vending

There are a wide range of businesses that can be a good fit for ice vending machines. These businesses usually have a few things in common, including the following:

  • Space to park: Ice vending machines are easy and convenient, since customers can simply drive up and get their ice. However, they must have the space to maneuver their vehicle in and around the vending machine.
  • Plenty of traffic: With plenty of customers coming in and out, more people are likely to see and use the ice vending machines. However, if your business attracts fewer customers and larger purchases, this might not be ideal.
  • High visibility: If potential customers can see the ice vending machine from a busy road, they’re more likely to make a visit. An ice vending machine might be a good investment for your business if you’re close to a road or thoroughfare with plenty of traffic.

Here are a few businesses that work well with ice vending machines, though this is not an exhaustive list.

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Gas Stations

Many people already visit gas stations and convenience stores to get their ice. Adding an ice vending machine and replacing your ice bunker will make it easier to supply clean, fresh ice. Ice vending is also a cheaper alternative to delivered ice, allowing you to increase profit margins on the sale, and also passing on savings to your customers.

Car Washes

With plenty of space and plenty of traffic, a car wash can also be a great business for an ice vending machine. Customers might grab ice and water after their car wash, or make a visit to the machine on their way to work.


Employees working long shifts at a factory often use ice vending machines to keep their food and drinks cold throughout the day. This can be a good fit for an ice vending machine. Or, if your business is close to a factory, your business might also be a good fit.

Recreational Areas

If your business is close to beaches, parks, boardwalks, or other recreational areas, you might consider investing in an ice vending machine. Many vacationers bring food and drinks with them on their excursions, and need ice to keep them cold throughout the day. If your business serves vacationers or others near a recreational area, an ice vending machine might be a good fit.

Food Trucks

An ice vending machine is a great complement to a food truck or small restaurant. Ice is essential to keep food and drinks cold throughout the day, and is usually cheaper than the electricity costs of an additional refrigerator or freezer. You can access fresh ice at any time, and your customers can make purchases from the machine as well.

Investing in an ice vending machine can have many different benefits for many different businesses. If you’re curious about investing in ice vending, we can help. Get started online to learn more about ice vending.